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Along with a great website, Local Search Engine Optimization is a must for any business to get local leads. Do not let your competition get those potential customers that could be yours.

What is Local SEO Services?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services are strategies and concepts to increase online presence and visibility to the public. It will help your business be found in your local area or service areas through Google Maps, Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), Bing Places and more. Being at the top of search engine result pages will bring more customers and leads to your business; thus creating a brand in your local area.

Why should I do Local SEO?

Almost 90% of people search for business online before deciding on purchasing or getting their services, they might search directly by business name, specific categories, or a solution they need. If your business is not listed on Google My Business (GMB), optimized, and cited, your business will not be taking advantage of those potential customers and revenue. Online presence is a must for your business.

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All Local SEO should have These

Local SEO Services

Google My Business

Google My Business and Bing Places listings are like digital storefronts, where people will find out about your business, reviews, contact information, pictures, opening hours, and more.


Your website should be supported by citations in major business directories, niche directories, and any others that are suited for your business.

Customer reviews

Reviews will only proof to people that your services or products are well deserved to be tried, it will also build a good reputation in your local area. Even better, Google will favor you by putting you on top.

Responsive Website Design

Your website should be able to be found from multiple devices that are capable of searching. It should not be limited to computers only, it should be mobile-friendly for phones and tablets.

Business email

Having a business email with your website domain creates credibility when your leads and customers receive emails. Using other public emails do not.

Easy user interface

Having a beautiful and colorful website is great, but if the visitor has difficulty using it is not. Making it easy for the information to be found and to take action will give you better rankings in the search engines.

Should I have Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my business?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are different than regular Search Engine Optimization services, they are similar in some factors but different in strategies used to achieve good Local SEO. Three factors that will play a big role in your business on-line presence doing Local SEO Services are Google My Business (GMB), Citations, and Customer Reviews.

Why Google My Business? you may ask, or you probably do not know that any business can have a FREE GMB listing. The answer is in the 3.5 Billion searches per day, please do not think that your business is going to get all those searchers per day. But a fraction of those searches in your local area will give your business a greater on-line presence bringing in more leads and customers for your products or services.

A Google My Business listing needs citations to verify that your business has a consistent Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP), which help boost your business to a higher rank in the search engine results. Some of the major citations are Yelp, Manta, Yellow Pages, and Facebook, then you have those that are industry-specific for different types of businesses. Citations are just business listings that mention your business contact information, website, pictures, and sometimes reviews, these have to consistent with each other to benefit from. It is also a known part of reputation control.

Now last but not least, customer reviews for your business could make or break your business, depending on how you respond to each and every single one. When a person sees your listing on the search result pages, the first thing they look at is how many stars your business has been given and the amount of reviews. Your business could have one 5 star review, but if another business has 4.5 stars by 150 people, the lead and potential customer will most likely go with the business that has the 4.5 stars. It is important to respond to every single customer review, it will give your business better credibility and raking for a chance to keep proving that your services or products are well worth it.

We at ATS Digital Marketing recommend that every local business must have a Google My Business Listing to let your local community know about the great services and products your business provides. Do not keep your business hidden from your local community, it will not do your revenue and growth any good.

Take a look at the example below, how a business with one 5 star review will not outrank a business that has a 4.5 with 23 reviews. That is the best example that reviews do matter in your business ranking position.


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How to do local SEO?

Start by doing keyword research to find what is the main keyword you want to target for your business. Complete your Google My Business listing to a 100%, optimize it with the most valuable category for your business. Once you verify your Google My Business listing, start by doing other citations to support it. Then optimize a landing page for the keyword and location your business is targeting. 

How to improve local seo

The best way to improve your Local SEO is by making sure all your information is consistent, to post at least weekly, to share photos of your business activities. Getting reviews from happy costumers, hopefully, every one of your customers is happy with your business.

what are local seo citations?

Local SEO Citations are other listings like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Manta and others that support your Google My Business and Bing Places listings. You should also look into local area citations and business-related citations to support your main listings. Keep in mind what all citations have to be consistent on your Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website (NAPW).

how much does local seo cost?

Local SEO cost will depend on all of the services desired, it could go from $100 to over 1,000 a month. But the most important factor to consider how much will the Return On Investment (ROI) be. If you are a dentist’s office, and you are spending $500 a month, but you are getting 100 leads a month, what would your ROI be with 10 new patients a month?

what is local seo marketing?

Local SEO Marketing could be organic or paid. Organic is optimizing your Google My Business listing, local landing pages, and citations. Paid is Google Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Map Ads.  

why is local seo important?

Local SEO is as important at your business is to you, there should not be a metric to tell how important is for you to grow your business and get revenue. Local SEO will open the doors to your local area and possibilities of expanding to other areas. Local SEO is the start to grow a business and letting the public know about your services and products.

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